Ben is a bit of a legend in the Freestyle world.  He competed for years at provincial, national, and international levels.  His skiing highlights include competition at the Australian Mogul Circuit, Australian and Global X Games, the US Open, Red Bull AirRaid, and placing 1st place at the Verbier Ride.  Ben's skiing career also includes more than two decades of ripping it up on Canadian slopes. He has trained, coached and competed in Ontario, AB, and here in BC as well. 


Following on his solid career of competing around the world, Ben chose to focus his energy on bringing up the next generation of male and female Freestylers.  He has spent the past 15 years coaching athletes of all ages and stages across Canada and is proud to see some of his former athletes competing on the Canadian National team.  Whether the goal is fun 

and confidence, or owning the podium, Ben's enthusiasm for guiding athletes through the sport of Freestyle skiing is palpable.  He says "Seeing the look on a kid's face when they accomplish something for the first time.... well, there's nothing like it.  Seeing kids connect through sport is what it is all about."

Welcome aboard, Ben!!


Ben Murphy

Head Coach