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Registration FAQ

Where do I find help for what to enter in the input box?  
  • Some fields have a teeny question mark at the right of the label.  Hover for help.
The name of the field doesn't make sense. 
  • TeamSnap has some labels that can't be changed. For instance, you might expect "Parent/Guardian" where it says "Parent".
The order of the fields doesn't make much sense.
  • TeamSnap doesn't give us a tonne of flexibility to re-order fields.  But they make the most sense if you read top to bottom of the first column and then the second column.   
Gender only shows Male/Female options.  
  • TeamSnap doesn't allow us to add more fields here.  Our competition fields are sorted by male and female.  Please indicate which gender you plan on competing with.  Athletes choosing not to compete may leave this field blank.  
Do I have to add a photo?
  • No, the photo is optional.
I already have a PSO membership, how do I find the number?
  • Click the same link as you would to buy a new membership and look for the 'download membership card' button at the bottom of the page. (Don't use membership lookup for ski.)
My child would like to be in the same group as a friend.
  • There is a field in our registration where you can request friend groupings.  We do our best to accommodate special requests, but our primary goal is to ensure that athletes are in groups appropriate for their skills and interests.  

There is an error on the Info page about an email field, but nothing is highlighted in red. 
  • Check the parent email field.
The waivers in the registration are asking for me to sign with my child's name, not my own.
  • Change the name in your TeamSnap 'Account Settings' at the top right of the screen.
No fees show up on the Registration Fees page.
How will this show up on my credit card statement?
  • Charges will have TEAMSNAP* FPSC-ALLPROGRAMS,ALLSEASONS on their statements.
Still have questions??  Please email
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