FPSC 2020/21 Coaching Team





Coaches delivering the program must be trained through the NCCP FUNdamentalz Coach course (formally known as ‘Club Coach’), have an active Freestyle Canada membership, and belong to a sanctioned Freestyle Canada club. All coaches must complete the NCCP courses, Making Ethical Decisions and Making Head Way.





Snowboard Clubs, Provincial / Territorial Teams and our National Team rely on the expertise of Coaches to help snowboarders learn new skills, compete at the highest level, and reach their athletic potential.

Coaches work with snowboard-specific skills, training for success in competitive snowboard disciplines, and developing the experience and confidence needed to win at progressively higher levels.

To become a trained and licensed coach, you will begin by taking an introductory coaching course. This course is delivered in partnership between the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program and the National Coaching Certification Program. The course is then followed by a short checklist of action items to complete.

Nate Bundschuh

Program Director/ Head Coach

Kaleigh Meadus

Club Coach

Mike Brush

Assistant Head Coach/ Lead Slopestyle Coach

Nat McGrath

Club Coach

Geoff MacDonald

Back-up Coach

Skylar Mountford

Mid-Week and Back-up Coach