FPSC Athletes at Junior Nationals

Le Relais, Quebec - March 14 - 19

It is with great pride that we can announce that all six of Freestyle Panorama moguls athletes have been chosen to represent BC at the upcoming Canadian Junior Nationals Moguls event in Le Relais, Quebec on March 16/17.  Congratulations to Brian B., Cole C., Grace E., Meagan E., Shawn M., and Trent W.  We'll be cheering for you!

Junior Nationals

WinSport, AB - March 8 - 10

Freestyle Panorama Athletes had to split their attentions between two great events in March - Junior Nationals in Calgary, and Canada Cup in Fernie.  Our athletes attending Junior Nationals did the club proud.  Results are as follows:

Ladies Moguls

Megan E. (U18) - 7th

Grace E. (U16) - 15th

Mens' Moguls

Shawn M. (U14) - 3rd

Brian B. (U16) - 20th

Cole C. (U16) - 22nd

Trent W. (U16) - 23rd

FPSC Athletes at Canada Cup

Fernie, BC - March 9 - 10

The Canada Cup competition at Fernie is open to all qualifying athletes from across Canada.  There is no age limit, and no age categories.  

The competition kicked off with a Single Moguls event.  In this event, athletes each complete two runs and the top 18 athletes qualify for the finals.  Day two focused on Dual Moguls.  In this event, the top 32 males and top 24 females are invited to go through to the Duals competition.

The entire FPSC team put down strong runs in a very tough Single Moguls field on Day 1.  Special mention goes to Cole C. who put down to fantastic runs to secure himself 16th place an a position in the finals.  After a single final run, Cole finished in 15th place.  With this result, he automatically qualifies for Canadian Senior National Championships in Quebec later this month, as well as Canadian National Team Selections held in November 2019.  Congratulations, Cole!!

The remainder of the team also put in a strong effort and finished as follows:

Megan E.  22nd

Shawn M.   33rd

Trent W.  31st

Brian B.  36th

Day 2 kicked off with the Dual Moguls event.  After a strong qualification round, Megan E., Brian B., and Cole C. qualified to move through to the knock-out round.  All three athletes put down strong runs with Cole C. proceeding through to race two.  After a good fight, he was just beaten to the line by a skier from Quebec. 


Overall, it was a very successful weekend with all five athletes working hard and skiing some of the best runs we have seen. 

Mt. Washington - Feb 7 to 10, 2019

Congratulations to all of our athletes.  We are so proud of you!


U18 - 2nd - Megan E.

U12 - 4th - Charlotte C. (Super Youth)

U16 - 6th - Grace E 


U12 - 7th - Charlotte C. (Super Youth)


BIG Air (Women)

U12 - 2nd - Charlotte C. (Super Youth)


U14 - 4th - Shawn M.

U16 - 6th - Cole C.

U16 - 7th - Brian B.

U16 - 8th - Trent W.


U14 - 2nd - Liam D.

U14 - 6th - Lucas B.

U14 - 8th - Shawn M.

U16 - 10th - Cole C.

U16 - 15th - Trent W.


U14 - 3rd - Lucas B.

U14 - 7th - Shawn M.

U16 - 11th - Cole C.

U16 - 17th - Trent W.

Canada Cup

Silverstar Jan 24 to 27, 2019

The course at Silverstar was very big, but all athletes took to it well.  Canada Cup in an event open to all provinces and athletes have to be at a certain level to compete.  There are also no age categories.  This meant that our athletes were among the youngest and were competing head to head with athletes as old as 20 years!  

Lucas placed 40th

Liam placed 42nd

Because of the type of competition this makes them 40th and 42nd in the whole of Canada for Slopestyle (excluding National Team athletes)!!  

Big White / Apex - Jan 17 to 20, 2019

(Due to lack of snow, Apex ran the Moguls and Dual Moguls disciplines for the Timber Tour category.

Big White hosted the Slopestyle competition.)

For those of you that were at the first event of the season, you know how much fun was had by both the athletes and their families.  Our Freestyle Pano competitive team had a strong showing and we are pleased to share the following results with you.  Way to go, kids!


Slope Style @ Big White
Raina P. placed 2nd for U16 Female
Lucas B. placed 2nd for U14 Male 

Charlotte C. placed 7th for U12 Female (Super Youth)

Liam D. placed 9th - U14 Male

Moguls @ Apex
Megan E. placed 2nd for U16 Females
Shawn M. placed 2nd for U14 Males

Charlotte C. placed 4th for U12 Females (Super Youth)

Cole C. placed 5th for U16 Males

Brian B. placed 6th for U16 Males

Trent W. placed 7th for U16 Males

Grace E. place 9th for U16 Females

Dual Moguls @ Apex
Megan E. placed 2nd for U18 Females

Big Air

Charlotte C. placed 7th for U12 Females (Super Youth)