KFC Results

Hard to believe the KFC is over for another year.  What a great weekend!  Incredible skiing, beautiful weather, a fantastic course... what more could we have asked for!

A big shout out to all of the friends from other clubs that traveled from far and wide to join us at the KFC. We hope to see you back here again next year!  Big thanks too, to all of the parents, volunteers, coaches, Panorama Staff, sponsors and vendors that worked together to make this event happen.  Without you, there would be no KFC.

Please take a look below for the final scores / rankings and stay tuned for a photo / video gallery. 



Annika Cooper from Kimberley 

Solomon Kirk from Panorama

This year's KFC Cup winners!


Moguls - March 16, 2019

The mogul event is scored by summing points for both turns and air.  Turns count for 60% of the score, and air counts for 40% (this event is not timed).  Turns are assessed by three judges who evaluate rhythmic changes in direction, position of the head chest, hands, and poles.  Air is scored on form and difficulty by one judge.  Deductions for stopping, crashing, fumbling, etc. are applied to the final score. 

Athletes are ranked using the best score of their two runs.  

Slope Style - March 17, 2019

In the slope style event, athletes pick a line in the terrain park that includes 4 features.  Judges evaluate height of jumps (bigger tricks score higher), difficulty of tricks, how well tricks are executed (e.g. tightness of rotation, clean grabs, smooth landings, etc.) and variety of tricks and flow of the run (e.g. having to slow down or reset after a trick will lose points).  

Athletes are ranked using the best score of their two runs.