2019/20 CANfree Athletes

We are excited to announce the following athletes that will represent Freestyle Panorama during the 2019/20 CANFree Competitive Season:

Allie S.

Cole C. 

Shawn M.

Sierra N.

Trent W.

We welcome the following athletes to the 2018/19 Freestyle Panorama CANFree Development Team:

Joey D.

Josie H.

Jude M.

Kira H.

Maya S.

Miles H.

Parker L.

Raena D.

Teddy C.

Tyler H.

Wade H.

Will I.

Abby H.

Anfisa C.

Anna I.

Ava D.

Campbell H.

Charlotte C.

Cohen W.

Duncan G.

Emerson B.

Graham G.

Hudson M.

Jamie R.

Jasper K.