Freestyle Panorama is an official Freestyle Canada Club and a member of Freestyle BC. 

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2018/19 CANfree Athletes

We are excited to announce the following athletes that will represent Freestyle Panorama during the 2018/19 CANFree Competitive Season:

Brian Burnyeat

Raina Snertch

Megan Elekes

Grace Elekes

Liam Duffy

Lucus Butland

Trent Walkley

Shawn Mason

Cole Carey

We welcome the following athletes to the 2018/19 Freestyle Panorama CANFree Development Team:

Charlotte Carey

Jude MacDonald

Tanner MacDonald

Mathias Fackelmayer

Hugh Ferguson

Lachlan Goodwin

Sierra Nelson

Jamie Robichaud

Allie Smith

Maya Smith

​Nic Paccagnan