A few things to note before you register:

  • Please sign up for one program for each athlete and for one volunteer.  If you are unable to volunteer, please choose "unable to volunteer" and pay the volunteer bond.

  • If you were a member of FPSC last year and missed the final days due to COVID, please use the following discount codes based on last year's enrollment:

    • 7-day program: Credit7 ($25 discount)

    • 14-day program: Credit14 ($50 discount)

    • 28-day program:  Credit28 ($100 discount)

  • Ugh... the waiver sections (yes plural - for Freestyle BC and FPSC) are painful.  Sorry, but we can't do much about that.


  • The system is linked with Freestyle BC.  If you've been a member in the past, and use the same email you used with Freestyle BC to log into our registration, the system should remember you and know what kids go with what parents.

  • If you weren't a member of Freestyle BC last year, you will be prompted during the registration process to create an account.  Please use your (parent) name so that you are assigned as the primary person on the account.

Questions or hiccups?  Please contact us at: