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Athlete & Volunteer Registration

We can't wait to see you this year!

Please review all of the steps below to ensure a seamless registration.


Questions?  Check out our Registration FAQ page or contact us at

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Join the Provincial Sports Organization (PSO)

  • All athletes AND volunteers must be members of a PSO before joining FPSC.
  • Click below on the relevant organization to purchase your membership.
  • Make sure to tick the option to indicate you are an affiliate of Freestyle Panorama.
  • There are three choices for membership in Freestyle BC:
    • Club: Skiers planning to participate in regular training and/or entry-level regional competitions like Super Youth (part of the Timber Tour series)
    • Provincial Athletes:  Skiers planning to compete in provincial or national level competitions like Timber Tour, Canada Cup, Jr. Nationals, etc.
    • Volunteer:  Parent volunteers (both ski and snowboard parents).
Step 2.png

Ensure you have a valid lift pass for the start of the season.

  • Skiers in Freeride program will also need a Monster X pass or tickets.  Monster X passes go on sale in late October.
Step 3.png

Register with Freestyle Panorama

You are almost there... but before you click on the register button below, please read through these important points:
  • We are using TeamSnap for FPSC registration this year. If you already have a TeamSnap account (for any sport) you can use that account to register for FPSC.
  • Avoid this TeamSnap pitfall:  The email address you enter in the "Participant Info" section of the registration should be your primary contact email.  We recommend using a parent's email address (not the athlete's) here.
  • Athlete and Volunteer registration are combined.  Volunteer information is collected in the "Additional Parent Info" section. 
    • Note: families who offer volunteer hours are permitted to waive the volunteer fee.
  • Families interested in every-other-weekend programming please check the calendar for dates.  Group A in the registration form refers to odd numbered weekends (1, 3, 5... 13), Group B to even numbered weekends (2, 4, 6... 14).
  • Check the FAQ if you have a question during the registration process or contact us at

FINALLY ready to register?? 
Click below to be transported to TeamSnap
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