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Josie Sharpe

Freestyle Coach

Josie joined FPSC in 2021/22 as a coach along with three of her four siblings who joined the club as athletes.  Before coaching, she competed on the Alberta Freestyle circuit with the Calgary Mogul Team and SAFSC. 


Josie's dad also competed in Freestyle in his younger years and Josie credits him for inspiring her to try the sport.  As soon as she tried it, she fell in love!  She specialized in moguls in her last two years of competing and loves to dissect the technical aspects of turns.

Josie believes in the importance of keeping training fun and safe and that the enjoyment of sport is the true key to success.  She hopes to inspire athletes to be life-long members of the Freestyle community. 


Josie particularly values the Girlstylerz program and looks forward to sharing that program with FPSC athletes throughout the season.

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