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2023/24 Will Ferguson Award Recipient:
Emmylou Grieve

This individual is a members of the FPSC family whose quiet confidence, kindness and spirit significantly contributes to making our club a special place for all.

THANK-YOU to the many individuals who generously contributed to the sustainability of this award via our GoFundMe campaign.

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Emmylou Grieve and Thomas Burnyeat.  Thanks to prize sponsors Jay and Holly Vaughn at Mountain Cultures.

Emmylou Grieve

Emmylou is relatively new to Freestyle skiing.  In her years with FPSC she has distinguished herself as not only a talented skier, but a kind and supportive team-mate and friend to all.

Emmylou, your interactions with fellow athletes produces a positive training dynamic and creates camaraderie within the team.  The courage you show in standing up against crude comments, bullying, and division within the young ski community has greatly impacted the people around you.  Your inclusivity and humble demeanor allow you to be seen as a leader and friend to athletes of all ages.  We are so thankful to count you as part of our Freestyle Panorama Family.

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2022/23 Winners: Mike Brush and Quinn Unger

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Will Ferguson Award

Will Ferguson was a valued member of the Freestyle Panorama community.  In his career as both an athlete and later a coach, Will made a enduring impact on fellow athletes, coaches, parents and many more in our mountain community and beyond.


In September of 2021 Will lost his difficult battle with mental health.

To help keep the legacy of Will alive, FPSC will honor one athlete each year who embodies the essence of what made Will so special:  humility, generosity, and kindness.

Help us maintain this award by donating today.

More about Will and this award

Will Ferguson was a valued member of the Freestyle Panorama community; in his time making a lasting impact on athletes, coaches, parents and many more in our mountain community. Will’s gentle authority, unwavering intellect and generous humility has made a positive and lasting impact on all who were around him.


Will was seldomly the loud voice in the group or the first one down a run (and definitely not the first one up in the morning!).  Instead, he provided an oft-needed voice of reason to the group he was coaching or skiing with. He was a quiet presence that spoke up when there was something important or worthwhile to share. Will was admired by all.  Others took heed when Will offered his opinion - he had the ability to talk sense into people both younger and older than himself.


Will started with FPSC in its infancy and was a core member of the hard-charging, Tayton-lapping groms who spent every weekend having the time of their lives at the hill.  As he started to age out of his role as an athlete he elected to carry on with the club, becoming a valued member of our coaching team.  Will was loved by his athletes and fellow coaches alike for his kind, funny, thoughtful and humble manner.  


In September of 2021 Will lost his difficult battle with mental health.


The Award: 

The Will Ferguson award will be given annually at FPSC’s KFC event during the Saturday medal ceremony.  Fundraising to support the award will continue throughout the year and is a key component of KFC advertising. 



Podium status / success with competition is not a criterion for this award.  Instead, this award will be distributed based upon citizenship and the characteristics that embodied Will including the following:

  • An athlete that exemplifies an exceptional maturity.

  • An athlete that exhibits humility when interacting with peers, coaches and others. Will was often the smartest person in the room, but because of his quiet demeanor this was often missed. Humility is measured by what is said to others, how it is said, and at times what is not said. 

  • An athlete who is respected by their peers - not by demanding it, but by earning it. 

  • This award has very little to do with skiing skills.  In fact, the award may be given to the skier with the self esteem to say no when others are saying yes. This award goes to an athlete that exhibits the qualities Will exemplified: Humility, Generosity and Kindness. 


To Apply:

A selection committee will convene approximately 1 month prior to the KFC to select the recipient. Athletes may be nominated by coaches, peers, or any other member of FPSC.  Members /Coaches / Athletes cannot nominate an immediate family member (e.g., child, sibling, etc.) or an individual residing at the same address.  

To nominate an athlete, please submit the athlete's full name and a short essay describing why you've nominated the individual to

The Prize

The Will Ferguson Award has a value commensurate with the amount of funds available and the needs of the recipient.  Awarded monies may be allocated to training costs, travel subsidies and/or any other means the selection committee deems will support the athlete’s skiing endeavors.  If an appropriate in-kind sponsorship is available to support this award, ski equipment may also be awarded.

For more information

Want to learn more?  Please reach out to Thomas Burnyeat at or the FPSC team at

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