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FPSC Pre-Season Training

Pre-season activities begin November 18!

In addition to the regular mogul lane, we are looking forward to fine tuning our ski muscles on a roller tank, air site, and rail features!

The schedule can be found on our calendar and is as follows:

Nov. 18:  Build day (volunteers needed!)

Nov. 19/20:  Training weekend 1

Nov. 25 - 27: Training weekend 2

Dec. 2 - 4: Training weekend 3

Dec. 3/4:  Girlstylerz pre-season camp

Cost: $75/day plus lift pass (~$95/day)*

*We will request your lift passes from PMR based on your enrollment dates and then bill you once we receive the passes.  Details on pass prices can be found here.

A Typical Training Day:

Train from 9:30 - 3:30 with a 1-hour unsupervised lunch break.  Training on all 4 sites - mogul lane, roller tank, park, and air site.

A few things you need to know:

  • A lift pass is not included and must be purchased to participate in Pre-season.  Cost ranges from $88 - $97/day depending on how many days you purchase. This pass includes lane fees and facility usage. Click here for detailed information.  

    • NOTE: The Toby lift is currently under repair and is scheduled to be up and running by early November.  IF the Toby lift is not back on-line in time for training, athletes will be required to hike features.  In this case, the lift passes will be deeply discounted.  ​

  • You must hold a valid Freestyle BC Membership (or other provincial Freestyle membership) to train at pre-season.

  • There is no requirement this year to book accommodation through PMR.  

  • Due to lack of uptake in past years, we won't be offering any meal plans.

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