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Teddy Coombs

Teddy Coombs

Freestyle Coach

Hi, my name is Teddy Coombs. I have been skiing since I was 3. I ski raced until switching to freestyle in 2019. In 2023 I competed in the Junior Nationals and Provincial events for half-pipe, slopestyle, and big air. My favorite tricks on snow are Switch Bios, and on trampoline Double Cork 1440s. I am trained in trampoline Air 1, 2, and Doubles, and on snow Air 3 and 4. I am excited to get lots of coaching hours this season.


My goal for coaching is to build up our athletes' foundational skills in a fun, safe, and steezy manner. My coach always said that skiing was like a table; without the four strong legs, it will fall over. The four legs represent spinning, flipping, and grinding metal in all four directions.

I am in a French immersion school and will graduate in 2025, so I am happy to coach in French, English, and sometimes Spanish. Skiing is my number one sport, but I also play school basketball, volleyball, badminton, track, and soccer. I live in Calgary, but try to spend all weekends shredding the gnar in Taynton over the winter and living it up at Windermere Lake over the summer.

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